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Mark Wahlberg May Reunite the Funky Bunch!


It's been 20 YEARS since MARKY MARK AND THE FUNKY BUNCH were DOMINATING the music industry, but as impossible as it may seem, they may have another reign in them.  In an interview with Britain's "Heat" magazine, MARK WAHLBERG suggested that they could reunite!  

He said, "Well, the Funky Bunch wants to get back out there. I've just got to find the right time. We might, though."   He added, "Do you think it will be lucrative?" 

It's unclear where the Funky Bunch is, or what they've been up to since 1993.  Hope for the best by GROOVING to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's CLASSIC, "Good Vibrations". And toss the Funky Bunch a bone by revisiting another song, "I Need Money".