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A Female One Direction Fan Threw a Shoe at Harry Styles' Crotch During a Show


A female ONE DIRECTION fan threw her shoe at HARRY STYLES during their concert in Scotland on Tuesday night, and it hit him in the CROTCH. Well, at least the second one did.  During a break between songs, a shoe was tossed onstage. Harry picked it up, and that's when another shoe came up and nailed him right in the crotch.

Harry bent over and collapsed to the ground. After a few moments, he stood up, did a few stretches and was ready to go again. (He probably wasn't hit too hard. He seemed to be playing it up quite a bit.)

You can see the YouTube video here. He gets hit 25 seconds in. 





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The fan who threw both shoes, a high school student named Jade Anderson says she FEELS TERRIBLE that she hit Harry in the junk.  She says, "I didn't mean to hit him where I hit him, I'm really embarrassed . . . I just wanted him to touch something belonging to me." 

Jade adds that the bouncers were going to KICK HER OUT, but Harry and NIALL HORAN told them she could stay.  Also, she got both of her shoes back. So, you know, lesson learned.