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Lil Wayne Claims the Miami Heat Got Him Banned from All NBA Events


LIL WAYNE recently ran into some trouble while attending a Miami Heat game. There's talk that he made some sort of "gun gesture" at a fan, but he claims they had him booted just because he was rooting for the visiting L.A. Lakers.  Regardless, he's still pretty ticked off about it.

At an NBA All-Star Weekend party late Sunday night, Wayne went off on the Heat, claiming the team had him BLACK-LISTED from basketball. (Which seems a little hard to believe.)  He told the crowd, "The NBA banned me from all NBA events, because the Miami Heat told them to ban me." He also chanted: "When I say [eff], you say NBA! When I say [eff], you say Miami Heat!  [Eff] LEBRON[JAMES]. [Eff] 'She' WADE. [Eff] CHRIS BOSH. [Eff] all [them]."

And to top it off, Wayne shouted, "I [effed] Chris Bosh's wife." (TMZ has video which you can see here.)




There's been no further comment from Wayne, the Heat or Chris Bosh.  So, it's unclear if Wayne actually DID sleep with Chris' wife, Adrienne Williams, or if he's just blowing off a little steam.

(For what it's worth, there were previous rumors that Adrienne had hooked up with Wayne before she and Chris tied it down, so it's possible.)