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Travis Barker Will Not Go to Australia with Blink-182, Because He's Too Scared to Fly


TRAVIS BARKER is skipping BLINK-182'S upcoming Australian tour, because he's still too scared to fly. (It's been four-and-a-half years since Travis barely survived that plane crash in South Carolina.)

He posted a message on Facebook saying, "I still haven't gotten over the horrific events that took place the last time I flew, when my plane crashed and four people were killed, two being my best friends.  I gave the band my blessing to take another drummer if they still wanted to do the tour without me. I hope to come to Australia again someday perhaps by ship if need be. Unfortunately, there wasn't a boat that worked with the schedule this time."

Travis still hasn't flown since the accident. He took a ship to Europe last summer to do two months of shows there.  The Australian tour begins Wednesday, and runs through March 4th.

The band also posted a statement, saying, "[We] knew the chances of Travis overcoming his fear of flying would be a challenge, but we wanted to play for our fans in Australia nonetheless.  Since we now know we have to make the trip without Travis, our friend Brooks Wackerman has stepped in." (He's played with Bad Religion and Tenacious D.)