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Watch Chris Brown Get Harassed Trying to Get Into His Car


CHRIS BROWN got harassed by some dude while leaving a nightclub and getting into his car the other night, and the whole thing was caught on video.

The guy, who at one point identified himself as a gangbanger, was jawing at Chris as he left the club. When Chris got into his car, the guy said, "I ain't never seen a (N-word) jump in a car that fast, (N-word)."

Then he asked, "Is that mother(effer) bulletproof?" Chris asked the guy if HE'S bulletproof, and the guy said, quote, "I'm a Crip (N-word), hell yeah, I'm bulletproof!" Here's the video.



In related news, Chris Brown and Drake have each filed legal documents, asking a judge to blame the other guy for their club brawl. You can read more about that here.