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Is Britney Spears Doing the British Accent on "Scream & Shout", or Is It Someone Else?


Rapper EVE has stirred a little controversy, saying that she's heard BRITNEY SPEARS doesn't actually do the British accent in a "talking" portion on WILL.I.AM'S "Scream & Shout", even though it's definitely presented as if it IS her.  

During an appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live", Eve was asked about the accent and she said, "I heard that might not be Britney, that's what I heard, [but] I don't know. It could be Britney. But I heard it wasn't.  I don't know though, I don't know." (You can find video on

Well, Britney's rep has a problem with that. He says, "It's absolute BS. Britney sang the song. Will.I.Am wanted her for this song and she sang on it."

The thing is, some people took Eve's comment to mean that she didn't think Britney was on the track AT ALL, but she set it straight on Twitter.  She Tweeted, "Come on ya'll. My comment was not about Britney NOT singing the song, clearly it's her. It was about the British accent. Pay attention."

In that case, Britney's rep didn't really address the real claim, since he just insisted she "sang," and didn't mention anything about the British stuff.

Britney and Will.I.Am haven't commented directly. But both of them just linked to a new remix of the song on YouTube yesterday. Here's the original version:



and here's the new remix. Britney does mouth the British accent part in both.



For what it's worth, Will has been asked about the British accent in the past, and he hasn't said it's NOT Britney. He said they went with it because it fit the "vibe" of the song, and because he's "monstrous" in the U.K.

Here's video.