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Lil Wayne Is Catching Heat for a Dumb Lyric About Emmett Till


A remix of FUTURE'S "Karate Chop" recently surfaced online, and on it, LIL WAYNE drops a dumb lyric about EMMETT TILL.  Emmett was the 14-year-old boy who was notoriously tortured and murdered in Mississippi back in 1955, just for flirting with a white woman.

Wayne's lyric is: "Beat that [rhymes with WUSSY] up like Emmett Till."  It's a stupid, sexually explicit line that was obviously meant to stir up some controversy, unless Wayne finds that sort of thing funny or clever.  Emmett's family has caught wind of this, and they're NOT happy, naturally.

Epic Records has released a statement saying that the remix was "unauthorized," and that they were "going through great efforts" to remove the song from the Internet.  The label added that the official version "will not include such references." Supposedly, Epic boss L.A. REID reached out to apologize to the family personally. Wayne has not commented.

As of Friday morning, you could find the vulgar remix at

Bob Dylan wrote a song about Emmett Till's story back in 1962. There's a recording of Bob playing it on a radio show on YouTube. At the end, he says he'd just written it "about last week."