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Did Adele Scold Chris Brown for Not Giving Frank Ocean a Standing Ovation?


The not-always-reliable British tabloids claim ADELE scolded CHRIS BROWN for not joining everyone else in giving FRANK OCEAN a STANDING OVATION for winning his first Grammy.  This was when Frank won for Best Urban Contemporary Album, a category that Chris was also nominated in.

The only "proof" that this happened seems to be a series of amusing pictures, which show Adele looking at Chris, who remained seated as Frank went to the stage, and another where she seems to be yelling at him, as he looks like he's trying to explain himself.

Of course, there's a REALLY GOOD POSSIBILITY that it isn't what it looks like, especially since Adele and Chris later posed for a nice picture together.  (Maybe she was just "yelling" at him because it was loud in there?)

Here are these pictures.  You can also find video at the bottom of this link.