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Lady Gaga's Crazy Tour Rider


A LADY GAGA tour rider has hit the Internet, and in this one, she demands a, "mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair."  It's unclear where she expected people to actually FIND a mannequin with pink hair down there, or if they were just supposed to MAKE one.  The rider adds, "Please send us some samples." 

Wait.  We thought Lady Gaga toured with a whole crew of creative types.  Wouldn't it just be easier for her to have one of her artists make one of these for her to tour with?  That way it would be exactly how she likes it.

Lady Gaga also likes to stay REGULAR while on tour, digestively-speaking.  She's asking for bran flake cereal, peanut butter with flax seed oil, hummus and whole wheat bread, and "six containers of Activia (vanilla or strawberry, vanilla preferred)."    If you don't know, Activia is the yogurt that basically just makes you poop.

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