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Did Beyonce Show Off Too Much?


performance on Sunday night was probably the closest thing we've had to a relevant, sexy Super Bowl Halftime show since JANET JACKSON'S nipple made the scene nine years ago.  (Yes, it's been that long.)

So it's not surprising that people are combing over video from Sunday, trying to find SOME kind of wardrobe malfunction.  Unfortunately for them, there wasn't one.

First off, Beyoncé's top WAS kind of revealing and loose.  But despite a slow-motion clip of her breasts bouncing freely inside of it, there's ZERO EVIDENCE that any nipple popped out.  (Check out the clip here.)



Meanwhile, says Beyoncé showed too much CROTCH.  But even their own close-up photos don't reveal anything.  (You can see them here.)   

Meanwhile, Beyoncé has announced that she's launching a world tour on April 15th in Belgrade, Serbia.  It comes to the U.S. in June.  And she's calling it "The Mrs. Carter Show".