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Katy Perry and John Mayer Were Spotted With Other People


Are KATY PERRY and JOHN MAYER exploring their options?  Because they were both allegedly spotted with other people recently.  On Sunday night, Katy caught the MUSE gig in L.A., then headed for the after-party, and drummer DOMINIC HOWARD.

A witness says, "They were all over each other.  I was shocked to see her acting so affectionate with another rock star because I thought she was dating John Mayer."  Another source adds, "Katy had her arms around Dominic, and they were facing each other, bodies touching.  He had his eyes on her all night.  Katy loved all the attention."


Meanwhile, John was spotted at the Village Hotel with ALLISON WILLIAMS, a.k.a. the hot chick on "Girls".  They attended a party at the hotel, then went to dinner, before returning to the hotel.  They weren't seen again until the next morning, when they left, separately.  But this one could very likely be innocent.  John is good friends with Allison's BOYFRIEND, founder Ricky Van Veen.