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Boy Band Extravaganza: New Kids on the Block Is Touring with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees This Summer


It's been over two years since NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK teamed up with the BACKSTREET BOYS, and now they're hooking up with two other old-school boy bands.  New Kids will hit the road this summer with BOYZ II MEN and 98 DEGREES for a series of shows they're calling "The Package Tour."  For now, the dates stretch from May 31st through July 13th.  (You can find them all at

This will be the first tour for 98 Degrees in 12 YEARS.  (By the way, MICHAEL MCCARY, who left Boyz II Men 10 years ago, will NOT be back for this tour.)

All three groups were on "The View" yesterday to announce the tour.  (You can find videos on the show's website.  There are two clips.  Here's Part 1, and here's Part 2.  And here's a video promo for the tour.)



By the way, New Kids are releasing a single called "Remix (I Like This)" next Monday, and their new album, "10", will be out April 2nd.