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LeAnn Rimes Wishes Her Affair With Eddie Cibrian Didn't Hurt So Many People


Does the world really need to hear LEANN RIMES say one more word about how terrible she and EDDIE CIBRIAN felt for cheating with each other while married to other people?  

Probably not.  But she was yapping about it again yesterday on "Entertainment Tonight".  She said, "The infidelity side of it, that's definitely not who I am.   I fell in love with someone and these overwhelming emotions, it's almost, your body won't let you stop it.  But there were so many people hurt.  That's what I struggle with on a daily basis, knowing that there was a better way to handle it."

Actually, LeAnn did NOT handle it well.  As you know, she eventually checked into rehab to deal with "emotional issues".   She talked more about that too.  She said, "I couldn't get out of bed.  I became this person that I never knew existed within me, and I did not like her at all."

Elsewhere in the interview, LeAnn admits they're both worried about the possibility they might one day cheat on each other.  Here's the link.  Scroll down for the video.