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Could Ryan Gosling Have Been in the Backstreet Boys?


In a recent interview, RYAN GOSLING said that he knew A.J. MCLEAN back when the BACKSTREET BOYS were just beginning, but he didn't think they'd make it big.

He said,  "When I was doing the Mickey Mouse Club, we were living in the same place as [A.J.].  They were just forming that band, so he was saying how big they were going to be, and he had a poster of them in his house.  We were like, 'It's never going to happen, didn't they already do that with New Kids [ON THE BLOCK]?  You're a little late.'  Cut to . . . I was wrong."

When asked if he regretted not getting an early spot on the Backstreet Boys bandwagon, Ryan said, "You can't live in the past.  You've got to live in the now.  That ship has sailed."

He said he hasn't seen A.J. recently, and joked, "They're not returning my calls."  (--You can watch video of his comments at  The part about the Backstreet Boys begins 34 seconds in.)



For what it's worth, some people think Ryan's saying that he might have had the chance to join the Backstreet Boys, had he been into it at the time.  (Maybe that's true, but to me, it just sounds like he's saying he ragged on A.J. back in the day, but now he's admitting he was wrong.  Also, if there were already posters of the group, wouldn't it be too late for him to join?)

Regardless, when A.J. heard about the interview, he confirmed the story.  He also said he didn't have Ryan's number, but said if they ever wanted a SIXTH Backstreet Boy, he'd call Ryan because, "He can sing.  He can sing his ass off . . . He's not only a great actor, and a handsome man, but he's a great singer."  (TMZ has video of A.J.'s comments.)