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Britney Spears is Single Again


It's official:  BRITNEY SPEARS is single again.  Her fiancé Jason Trawick even removed himself as Britney's co-conservator, which means that Britney's dad Jamie Spears is in total control once again.  Jason started out as Britney's agent.  They got engaged last year, after which he became her co-conservator.  Now he's none of those things.  Britney has new management.

But sources say the breakup was amicable, and the two of them just grew apart.  Britney released a statement saying, "Jason and I have decided to call off our engagement.  I'll always adore him and we will remain great friends."

Jason reportedly signed a confidentiality agreement, meaning he can't talk about the relationship.

One source claims the breakup was over kids.  Britney wanted more, Jason wanted NONE.  She's 31, and he's 41.  Britney has already given Jason back the $90,000 engagement ring.



Britney Spears Has Quit "X Factor", and May Be Headed to Vegas 

BRITNEY SPEARS has quit "X Factor".  She issued a statement Friday saying, "I've made the very difficult decision not to return for another season.  I had an incredible time doing the show and I love the other judges and I am so proud of my teens, but it's time for me to get back in the studio.  Watching them all do their thing up on that stage every week made me miss performing so much!  I can't wait to get back out there and do what I love most."

Of course, sources say SIMON COWELL and the show's other producers weren't going to ask her back anyway, because of her lackluster judging style and the fact that her presence didn't help the show's ratings.  Meanwhile, there's talk that Britney is about to finalize a deal to do a residency at a Las Vegas hotel that'll pay her more than $100 MILLION A YEAR.

(One last note on Britney:  Her dog, a Yorkshire terrier named Hannah, is fighting for her life.  You can read more about that here.)