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Justin Timberlake Is "Ready" to Return to Music . . . or Something


Yesterday, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE teased that he would be making a big announcement on Twitter in a few hours.  When the time came, the "announcement" was just a countdown for ANOTHER announcement.   Justin Tweeted, "To whom it may concern . . . I think I'M READY!  #JT2013."  And he linked to

The site has a video where Justin says people ask him if he's done with his music career, but he says he isn't someone who can record new music every year and be happy with it, he needs to take his time in-between projects.




It ends with a clock that's counting down to midnight, Sunday night.  Technically, there's no word what's coming then, but clearly it's music-related.  Either details on a new album, a new single, tour dates or some combination of those.

For what it's worth, there's a rumor that Justin recorded a new single that features BEYONCÉ and JAY-Z.  (Also, there's a chance this could be something MySpace-related, since Justin is so heavily involved in that right now.  Who knows.)