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Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Have Broken Up


We all knew TAYLOR SWIFT and HARRY STYLES were destined to crash and burn, and we were right.  According to several sources, they broke up sometime last week, which puts their relationship somewhere around the two-month mark. 

Here's what happened:  They flew to the Virgin Islands TOGETHER on January 1st, had a "heated argument", and then broke up.  Just like that.  Someone even took a photo of Taylor sitting alone on a boat.  (Here's the photo.)  (New York Post)


So, Taylor decided to come back to the states while Harry accepted a sweet invitation to party on British billionaire RICHARD BRANSON'S private island.

Neither of them said a word about it, and then on Saturday Taylor opened the door when she Tweeted, "Til you put me down".  That's a line from her song "I Knew You Were Trouble", which is supposedly about Harry.

The full line is "Flew me to places I'd never been / so you put me down".  The "put me down" part would be Harry breaking up with her.