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Musicians' Worst Stage Outfits Of 2012


Sparkly or shredded, glamorous or ghastly...when you're dressing for the dramatic, onstage looks can easily miss the mark. And even the biggest music stars of 2012 didn't always have the best aim. When performing on tour, hosting awards, or just plain meeting fans, here are some of the worst centerstage offenders we saw this year.


Miley Cyrus did us fashion editors a solid by throwing in her worst outfit of the year in December, just in time to make the 2012 list. Performing at a concert called, no lie, "Christmas Creampies," the singer put together a look that really belonged on Amber Rose. Cyrus hit the stage with a barrage of sketchy pieces: an even shorter buzzcut, a barely-there halter top, a key chain-ish body necklace, high-waisted pants that zipped all the way down and around, and boots that looked an awful lot like the PETA-riling snakeskin ones Rihanna wore in August. But we have to admit, we’re kind of loving Miley’s drastic change in the past few months. She keeps us on our toes!




I know, we're confused too. Rihanna seemed to raid Kanye West's closet for her Unapologetic record-release event and fan meet-and-greet in NYC. The pop star came dressed in what looked like an oversized leather shirt, matching shorts-almost-gauchos, a leather beanie, and ankle-strapped, pointy-toed heels. We certainly don't expect an apology for this questionable look, but hey, at least Rihanna was actually wearing clothes this time!





Demi Lovato's multifaceted disaster from July 2012's Teen Choice Awards could've been avoided if she had nixed a one or two of her ensemble's clashing materials and patterns. She also should've saved that hyper-extended ponytail for a fishing trip; the singer and "X Factor" judge looked like she was catching bass instead of exuding class!

Nicki Minaj’s style has always been a mess for success—like Lady Gaga, we’ve come to expect no less than outrageous from Her Minajesty. But her look for "The Tonight Show" last July just seemed flat-out lazy. The star wore an ill-advised nude look adorned with doilies and a top that just Did. Not. Fit. Look how far those pasties were sticking out! And on national television! Plus the peacock feathers that looked just thrown on last minute? No girl, just no.
She may be the queen of pop, but Her Madgesty isn't immune to a terrible outfit. Madonna surprised Avicii's audience at the Ultra Music Festival in March with a little speech, a new remix, and a completely thrown-together ensemble. The off-duty cheerleader look was so wrong for the 53-year-old Material Girl, who certainly would’ve benefited from more material on her posterior. But then again, she's Madonna, and she pretty much gets a free pass for any and all shenanigans. World peace! *mic drop*
How can someone be so poorly dressed when wearing barely anything at all? Look to Katy Perry's MuchMusic Awards performance costume from this past June. Shedding a tattered Les Mis-ish cloak to reveal a strategically bedazzled nude bodysuit, the singer seemed fine performing in the borderline NSFW look. But when it came time to accept an award in the same outfit, on the same stage, in front of the same people, Katy suddenly got bashful. Think it through, honey!
Ke$ha has a permanently reserved spot on Worst-Dressed lists, because no one does mess like Ke$h. It’s kind of her hook, right? While her red-carpet game has been looking pretty clean this year, her performance looks are as dubious as ever. Her ensemble from the American Music Awards in November was a hot glue-gunned disaster paired with long, messy, feather-adorned braids, resulting in a look that resembled a kindergarten Thanksgiving centerpiece. And the worst part? She wore the same outfit a month later for her Jingle Ball performance!
Bonus round! These outfit may not have been worn onstage, but for Lady Gaga, the world is a stage—a huge, confusing, terrifying stage. Gaga’s performance looks in 2012 were actually pretty snooze-worthy (Latex dresses? Yawn. Another meat outfit? Zzz...), but she had some real doozies at the street level. The singer was seen in NYC wearing what looked like a gold bondage birdcage on her head while leaving a hotel in December. A few months earlier, Gaga was seen wearing an utterly unexplainable Flat Stanley/Candyland look while leaving her hotel in Paris. Apparently the walk from a hotel lobby to a chauffeured car is her new runway!