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LeAnn Rimes Says She Was Not Drunk on "X Factor" Wednesday Night


performed a duet with 13-year-old CARLY ROSE SONENCLAR on Wednesday night's "X Factor".  It wasn't Carly's best performance, and it wasn't LeAnn's either.  In fact, LeAnn's performance was so weird that there was talk she might have been either DRUNK or messed up on something else.  But she denies that.

LeAnn Tweeted, "In my 18 years of performing, I've never been anything but professional onstage."    She adds,  "It's a shame that gossip and lies are overshadowing the performance of Carly, a very talented young girl.  It was an amazing opportunity to share this experience with Carly and I know I'll be watching for her to win tonight."

You can see it here, or find video on YouTube.  Carly's performance may have been hampered by the fact that LeAnn was "off" the whole time.  Maybe LeAnn was just nervous, and didn't want to admit it.