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Two Guys Were Plotting to Murder Justin Bieber Last Month


We'll never know how close JUSTIN BIEBER actually was to being strangled to death and then castrated, but apparently, he was closer than you might imagine. 

Dana Martin, a New Mexico inmate who's serving life for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl, actually hatched a plan to have Justin killed and mutilated.  But he ended up foiling his own plan.  Martin convinced fellow inmate Mark Staake to do the deed for him when he got out of the joint.  Once he was free, Staake recruited his nephew Tanner Ruane to help him.  And they planned to do it last month in New York City. 

The plan was for Staake and Ruane to take out FOUR people, two unknown victims in Vermont, then Justin and his bodyguard when they were in New York for a pair of gigs late last month.  Martin wanted them to strangle the victims with paisley ties, which is apparently Martin's thing, then cut off their genitalia with pruning shears. 

But Martin, who's obsessed with Bieber and even has a tattoo of him on his leg, must have gotten cold feet.  Because he told the cops about the plot to kill the two guys in Vermont before they could carry it through. 

Staake was arrested in Vermont.  Ruane made it to New York before he was caught.  And here's an interesting detail:  Martin promised Staake and Ruane $2,500 for EACH TESTICLE they collected.