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Video of Gwen Stefani Singing "Glycerine" with Bush


BUSH performed in L.A. on Saturday, and GAVIN ROSSDALE brought out a special guest in the middle of "Glycerine":  His wife GWEN STEFANI.  About a minute into the song, Gwen came onstage singing the second verse, and they sang the rest of the song together.  At the end, they kissed.

There's video on YouTube, which you can see here.  The song starts 20 seconds in, and Gwen comes out at the 1:25 mark.  The rest of the band joins in at the 3:30 mark.




This happened at KROQ's 23rd Annual Almost Acoustic Christmas show.  According to "People" magazine, Gavin and Gwen FIRST MET at the same show 17 years ago, when Bush and NO DOUBT were both on the bill.