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Were the Grammys Duped Into Nominating a *Terrible* Song That No One's Ever Heard Of?


If you take a close look at the recently announced Grammy nominees in the Best Dance Recording category, you'll see some familiar names:  Avicii, Calvin Harris, Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia.  You'll also see someone named Al Walser, who was nominated for a song called "I Can't Live Without You".  A lot of dance music fans weren't familiar with Al or his song, so some people did some digging, and as it turns out, this guy may have SCAMMED the Academy into getting his song nominated. 

For starters, the song is BAD, and the video for it is even WORSE.  One report referred to it as, "The dance music version of Rebecca Black."  Except unlike "Friday", "I Can't Live Without You" wasn't a sensation.  After the Grammy nominees were announced, the video had just over 10,000 views. 

So how was this dude able to get the Academy to vote for his song?  Well, it's complicated, and the details aren't really clear yet.  But basically, Al claims he's a member of the Recording Academy.  He reportedly joined their social media hubs, and started promoting his name and hyping his song so that the voters that followed those sites would be familiar with him.  And then when it was time to nominate the songs, he got a ton of votes by TRADING ON THEIR IGNORANCE. 

See, the genre of electronic dance music is relatively new, and very few voters are involved in it, or know anything about it.  So when it comes time to look at the list of potential nominees, they're most likely to just pick stuff they've heard of.   And since Al basically pounded his name and the title of his song into their brains, they chose it, having no idea just how TERRIBLE it is. 

An anonymous source says the Recording Academy is "embarrassed by the situation" and suspects that, "foul play may have been involved."  But for now, there's no indication that they're going to do anything about it.

Here's the video for "I Can't Live Without You".  What do you think?  Is it Grammy worthy?  Or do you agree that they were probably duped.