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Rihanna Is Doing a "Fashion Competition Reality Series" with the Style Network


is the executive producer on an upcoming "fashion competition reality series."  It's called "Styled to Rock", and it will air on the Style Network sometime next year.

Rihanna will "handpick" 12 amateur designers to be on the show, along with three mentors, who will guide them each week.  She's also expected to make appearances, but she won't be on it regularly as a judge or host.

A version of the show aired in the U.K. earlier this year, and Rihanna appeared on that one, too.  The show is currently accepting applications online.  For more information, hit up

(Speaking of Rihanna, not that you should believe this, but, a gossip website says she's going to take some time off to have a baby.  You can read more about that here.)