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Justin Bieber Used a Fan's Phone to Take Pictures of Himself at a Concert, Which Led to a Bunch of Phones Being Thrown Onstage


didn't really think this one through.  During recent show, a fan threw her phone onstage, and Justin picked it up.  Instead of immediately giving it back, he decided to have some fun with it.     He took photos of himself and the crowd with it, which caused the girls in the audience to SHRIEK in excitement, and was probably a HUGE thrill for that lucky fan.  Pretty cool, huh?

Well, there's just one problem:  It set a bad precedent.  Suddenly, a bunch of girls were throwing THEIR phones onstage.  Justin realized his mistake at this point, and didn't want to spend the rest of the night screwing with people's phones.  He playfully scolded the crowd, saying "Hey, no!  We're not just going to keep [throwing] cell phones up here, and expecting everyone to just get pictures of me.  No.  That's not how it works.  I'll never do that again, so don't even try it."  But of course they DID try it, and cell phones continued to hit the stage.

Justin went on, "Hey!  We're going to have a bunch of iPhones and I'm just going to take them home . . . No!  I'm not touching your phones . . . Get [these] phones off the stage, guys, c'mon.  I'm literally going to just break your phones.  You guys want broken phones by Justin Bieber?  I'll do the honors."

He even KICKED some of the phones away, although some pro-Justin fans on the Internet claim he was only PRETENDING to kick them.

You can see video from YouTube here, but  if that video is down, you can find it at