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We Have Video of Rihanna Freaking Out at a Show


flipped out onstage during the London show on her 777 Tour, because the live band wasn't syncing with the backing track.  It happened while she was "performing" "Where Have You Been".  She stopped about a minute in, turned back toward the band, and yelled, "All right, what the [eff]?  Stop, stop this [crap].  What the [eff] is that?  Why is the track off from the band?"

Turning to the crowd, she added, "This is the bull[crap] we deal with when we're just doing a random, rock 'n' roll tour, all right.  With no rehearsals and [crap], I apologize . . . we can start this one again from the top."

We're not sure if by "track" she's referring to a VOCAL track.  But it did appear that she was heavily lip-syncing.

You can see the video here or on  She stops the song at the 1:15 mark.  And here's another link from YouTube of the whole song.  In that one, she stops at the 1:05 mark.



Meanwhile, TMZ has released some highlights from Rihanna's tour rider.  It includes Capri Suns, Flaming Hot Cheetos and stuffed olives.  You can check out the list, here.