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Justin Bieber Held Up Traffic Because a Paparazzi Scumbag Was Bothering Him


JUSTIN BIEBER tried a new tactic to get the paparazzi off his back:  Holding up traffic.  Justin was weaving in and out of traffic in his Ferrari to avoid a paparazzi scumbag who was on his tail, but it wasn't working.  So Justin stopped dead in the middle of the street.

With horns blaring behind him, Justin basically just sat there, throwing a few insults at the cameraman over his crappy job.  But the guy just sat there in traffic next to Justin.  Even worse, the guy on the OTHER SIDE of Justin stopped, too, so he could film the whole thing with his phone. 

Justin finally sped off after some guy with a mullet got out of his car, walked up and started complaining.  (Ah, it's good to know there's still POWER IN THE MULLET.  Here's video.)