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Taylor Swift Did "Not Laugh" When Brad and Carrie Ripped On Her at the CMAs, Plus Who's She Daing Now?


It's a tradition at the CMAs for the hosts to rip on their fellow country stars, and for the camera to pan to the audience and catch that star's reaction.  It's like, they BETTER be laughing or showing it doesn't bother them or they'll look totally lame.  Well, this year, when BRAD PAISLEY and CARRIE UNDERWOOD cracked that TAYLOR SWIFT will never, ever, ever, ever get back with CONOR KENNEDY, we did NOT see Taylor's face.

So the "New York Times" asked Taylor why, and she told the truth.  She said, "They don't pan to you if you're not laughing."

If you're interested, you can watch the CMA moment, here.  The Taylor Swift joke starts at the 1:34 mark when Brad talks about the Kennedy's trading ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER for Taylor Swift.


While we're on the subject, "People" is presenting a pretty good case that Taylor Swift is now dating HARRY STYLES of ONE DIRECTION

Last Thursday, Styles visited Taylor on the set of "X Factor" where she was rehearsing for her performance that night.  A source told the magazine, "I had to literally do a double-take.  He was smiling at her while she rehearsed.   When she was done he jumped up on stage, picked her up, put her over his shoulder and carried her off stage.  The whole crew was really surprised."

And then they quoted "X Factor" host MARIO LOPEZ, who talked about it on his 104.3 MY FM morning show.  He said,  "I said to Harry, 'What are you doing here.'  And he sort of [pointed] toward Taylor."  Mario went on to say that he saw Taylor and Harry "hand-in-hand."