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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Were Together Sunday


and SELENA GOMEZ spent some time together on Sunday in New York City.  A source says, quote, "I saw Selena go into the hotel around 5:40 P.M. and not even three hours later, Justin went in.  "I saw him leave around 11 P.M."  Another source says they had dinner together at a place called Morandi.

(We'd heard that Justin's gig in Boston, in which he did an acoustic version of "Cry Me A River", went down Sunday night.  But it was actually Saturday.  So he was free Sunday night to hang out with Selena.)

They were both in New York for business purposes.  Justin had a show last night, and Selena was being honored at a "Glamour" magazine event.

Meanwhile, Justin Tweeted a sexy, shirtless photo of himself on Sunday.  (Check it out here.)  (Webstagram)