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Check Out the 60-Page Limited Edition Taylor Swift Photo Book


Does the world need a 60-page coffee table-type book full of TAYLOR SWIFT photos?  Of course not, but it's out and it's called "8 Hours / Taylor Swift".  All of the shots were taken by some big time photographer named Nigel Barker.  Are you impressed?  The project was sponsored by Sony, so you can only buy it at one of their stores, and ONLY if you buy a Sony Alpha DSLR or NEX camera. 

Ten autographed copies of the book will be auctioned off on eBay, with proceeds going to the Boys & Girls Clubs.  No word when that's going down.

To get people excited, has some "exclusive" photos from the book, plus some behind-the-scenes shots (which you can see below).  They also convinced the photographer to talk about how Taylor is all sexed-up.   He said, "She's not necessarily known for her sex appeal.  But she is someone who is emerging in a way that I've never seen.  You'll see her transform from a young girl into this rock and roll superstar, totally in your face."

It's a limited edition book, meaning they're printing up a certain number of copies, and that's it.  (If you're interested, here's a link to a Sony store locator.)