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New Stuff From Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Carmen Electra and Ke$ha


#1.)  LADY GAGA has released audio of her singing the hook on KENDRICK LAMAR'S song "[B-word], Don't Kill My Vibe".  Her version was supposed to be on the album, but some sort of "label issues" got in the way.  On the album, Kendrick sings the hook.  You can see the  version with Lady Gaga here, and and here's the album version without her. 


DJWS vision number 2 from paul blair on Vimeo.



#2.)  CHRISTINA AGUILERA recently held a listening party where she debuted four songs off her new album, "Lotus", which comes out Tuesday.  One of them was "Just a Fool" . . . a song featuring her fellow "Voice" judge BLAKE SHELTON.  You can check them out at  "Just a Fool" is the top video. 







#3.)  CARMEN ELECTRA has a new song called "I Like It Loud".  She's previewing the track in a "behind the scenes" YouTube video.  Check it out here, and here's the link.







#4.)  KE$HA has released a video for "Die Young", the first single off her new album, "Warrior", which comes out December 4th.  (You can check it out, here.)