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An Unknown Band Hacked Aerosmith's Website, and Steven Tyler Says If They're Any Good He'll Sign Them


AEROSMITH'S website was hacked recently, and the culprit was apparently an unknown band who wanted some attention.  The band posted a long message directed at Aerosmith, asking for them to give them a shot.

And it worked, at least to some degree.

STEVEN TYLER isn't happy about the site being hacked, but he admits he IS interested in hearing this band's music. 

He hasn't heard them yet, the group didn't post any audio, and didn't even reveal their name, but Steven is going to reserve judgment until he does.

He tells, quote, "They got the [stones].  I see a stunt like this and think:  If this is really a band, then all I want to do is hear their music.  And if they suck I'll kick their ass and maybe sue them.  Or if they kick ass, maybe I'll sign them.

"All I ever wanted to do was get my foot in the door, that was the mission of Aerosmith.  So I look at those words they wrote and I get it.  But I want to know what's going on, and we'll get to the bottom of it."

The hackers said, quote, "Look, we just needed some attention here, that's all.  All we wanna do is play, and get our foot in the door.  We don't know the business.

"Yeah, this might suck doing this to you but we kept telling ourselves, if we didn't think Aerosmith would love us, we wouldn't do this."  

As of late last night, the message was still up on  It was eventually taken down, but here's a screenshot: