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The Person Who Stole Justin Bieber's Computer and Camera is Now Posting Videos on YouTube


The person who stole JUSTIN BIEBER'S computer and camera has posted some of his private videos online.  This person goes by the Twitter handle @gexwy, and he or she posted two short clips on a YouTube account under the same name.  (You can watch them here.)



Neither one is very scandalous.  One has Justin pranking a friend backstage by dumping some kind of powder on him.   The other was taken several years ago, because Justin is a lot younger in it.  It just shows him in a room with screaming girls looking in the windows.

However "Gexwy" also sent a five-second clip to that shows Justin at a pool party.  Supposedly, there's more to this clip that will be revealed later today, and it's something Justin wouldn't want anyone to see.  (Here's the clip.)



This must be legit, because Justin is now FOLLOWING this person on Twitter.  And yes, it really IS Justin.  They exchanged a few direct messages, plus some public messages in which the culprit does promise to release footage today.  He, or she said, "TOMORROW PUNK!"  And Justin had this to say, "No matter what you have and what you post tomorrow I know my fans won't leave me.  Screw it.  #toostrong"

(In other Bieber biz, says Justin is distantly related to AVRIL LAVIGNE, RYAN GOSLING and CELINE DION.  You can read how here.)