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Cher Lloyd from the British "X Factor" Was Chased Off the Stage in England


is a 19-year-old girl who finished fourth on the British "X Factor" two years ago.  We bring her up because over the weekend she got a ROUGH reception at the V Music Festival in England.

Things got pretty intense when someone threw a bottle filled with PEE at her.  She told the crowd, "It's very difficult to get up here as it is, and when you're getting bottles chucked at you with [pee] in them, it's not nice."

On Twitter, she also mentioned having a GLASS bottle thrown at her.  It's unclear if that was the one with the pee in it, or if this was a second one.

Apparently, the crowd didn't calm down, and eventually booed her off the stage. 

You can find video on YouTube.  Her speech comes at the 6:28 mark. 



You can see stuff being thrown onstage 58 seconds in, and at the 2:31 mark.  And those are just the ones we see in the video.  She first leaves the stage at the 5:25 mark.