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Russian Activists Have Sued Madonna for $10.5 Million for Promoting Gay Rights During a Recent Concert


Russian activists have sued MADONNA for supporting gay rights during a recent concert in St. Petersburg.  They want nearly $10.5 MILLION in "moral damages."  Russia is far from being gay-friendly.  Earlier this year, a law was passed in St. Petersburg, which makes it illegal to "promote homosexuality to minors."  There were minors at Madonna's show, including kids as young as 12.

During the concert, Madonna "stomped on an Orthodox cross, and asked fans to raise their hands to show [off] pink armbands in support of gays and lesbians that were distributed among the audience."  This happened during a long pro-gay speech, where Madonna said, "It's in every holy book, 'Love thy neighbor, as thy self.'  You cannot use religion to treat other people badly, you cannot use God's name to treat other people badly.  We all deserve love.  So, let's all go out into the world, and spread this message of love, and live our life without fear.  Amen."  (You can find amateur videoof this on YouTube.  She zeroes in on gay rights at the 1:42 mark



Here's another video, which shows the crowd chanting "THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!" after her speech.  It also seems like a majority of the audience was raising their arms to show off their pink armbands.



Madonna has also been a vocal supporter of the female Russian punk band, PUSSY RIOT.  Three of its members were sentenced to two years in prison for protesting the Russian government's relationship with the Russian Orthodox Church.

On Friday, they were convicted of, "hooliganism, motivated by religious hatred."  (For more on that, you can hit up this link.)