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Beyonce and Jay-Z Are the Highest-Paid Celebrity Couple in the World


The unstoppable list-makers at have determined that BEYONCE and JAY-Z are the Highest-Paid Celebrity Couple in the World.    Beyonce banked $40 million over the past year, and Jay-Z kicked in $38 million, for a grand total of $78 million.  Last year's #1 couple, TOM BRADY and GISELE BUNDCHEN, fell to SECOND with $72 million.

Here are the Top Couples . . .

#1.)  Beyonce and Jay-Z,  $78 million.  (--Him $38 million, Her $40 million.)

 #2.)  Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen,  $72 million  (--Him $27 million, Her $45.)

#3.)  David and Victoria Beckham,  $54 million  (--Him $46 million, Her $8 million.)

 #4.)  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie,  $45 million  (--Him $25 million, Her $20 million.)

#5.)  Will Smith and Jada Pinkett,  $40 million  (--Him $30 million, Her $10 million.)


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