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The Latest "American Idol" Judge Rumors: Nick Jonas and Pharrell Williams


magazine claims NICK JONAS and PHARRELL WILLIAMS are the "frontrunners" to take over the two empty judges' seats on "American Idol".  Sources tell them that Nick and Pharrell would sit next to MARIAH CAREY, the only confirmed judge, while RANDY JACKSON would move into a "mentoring role."  (There's STILL no word what that would entail.)

Even with Mariah, this panel feels a little weak, but it should definitely appeal to the youth.  Last year's judges had an average age of 54.3.  The average age of Nick, Pharrell and Mariah is 33.3.  Nick really pulls the average down.  He's 19, and a month YOUNGER than "X Factor" judge DEMI LOVATO.

By the way, isn't Nick kind of OLD NEWS at this point?  Are the JONAS BROTHERS still relevant?  After all, the only reason you'd be considering a questionably qualified kid to be a judge is to seem relevant, right?  If that's the game, why not make a run at 11-year-old WILLOW SMITH?  Sure, she hasn't released a full-length album yet, but she's hot right now with the kids.  And next to her, Nick Jonas is as charismatic as a piece of cardboard.

Meanwhile, says that BRAD PAISLEY and his people are meeting with "Idol" producers this week to discuss the possibility of him being a judge.  The "Us" magazine report makes no mention of Brad.