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Will.I.Am Thinks Justin Bieber Will "Be Around a Long Time"


got JUSTIN BIEBER to make a guest appearance on his next album, "#WillPower", which is great because he's a big fan of Justin's work.  Will says, "I like him because he's going to be around for a long time.  And he's really talented."  (Translation:  I love him because he's bigger than me, and I don't mind capitalizing on that.)  He wouldn't say much about their collaboration.  He just said, "You'll have to hear it."  The album should be out sometime later this year.

By the way, Justin got ANOTHER tattoo.  This is his sixth one.  It's a really small Japanese symbol on the inside of his right arm, just below his elbow.  It's "Kanji," but there's some debate as to what it means.  Some people say it means "music", others say "melody" and others say it translates to "song."

But a seemingly-informed commenter on one website said this:  "[Justin's] Kanji character does not mean 'music' or 'melody', on its own, it doesn't really mean anything, just a general concept that can go either way, 'tune' or 'thunderous,' like [an] evil-sounding or foreboding crescendo-like tune."  Well, there you have it.   (Here's a picture of the tattoo.)  (E!Online)