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Maybe Now Justin Bieber Will Recognize He Sounds Like Justin Timberlake. There's a New Mashup


A few weeks ago, JUSTIN BIEBER hung up on a radio interview after the host told him his song "Boyfriend" sounded like JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.  (The interview was with Mojo from "Mojo in the Morning" in Detroit.)  He meant it in a good way, but Bieber took it in a bad way.  "Man, that's crazy, because our voices sound nothing alike, saying I sound like someone else is not really a compliment."

Well, maybe THIS will sway him?  A DJ named Raheem D created a mashup of Bieber's "Boyfriend" with NSYNC'S old song "Girlfriend".  And it's SO seamless it actually sounds like one song, where Bieber and Timberlake DO sound VERY SIMILAR.  Oh, and the songs themselves sound surprisingly similar too.  Check it out here.



One other Bieber note, a photo of him BEATEN AND BLOODY just hit Twitter.  It's actually from his new video, called "As Long as You Love Me", which should come out soon.  The director of the video is Anthony Mandler, he tweeted the photo and wrote, "It's a story of love . . . #believe."  Here's the photo: