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An Australian Bar Rejected a Lady Gaga After-Party to Honor the Residency of a Local Band


You'd think that LADY GAGA is used to getting pretty much whatever she wants, but that wasn't the case when she asked a bar in Australia if they'd host one of her after-parties.  A local blues-rock band called Jackson Firebird has a residency at the bar on Wednesday nights, and that's when Lady Gaga wanted to have her party.

Gaga was going to do some sort of performance at the place, but her band wasn't willing to work around Jackson Firebird.  So the bar told Gaga thanks but no thanks, we're sticking with the local dudes.

The co-owner says, "I was gobsmacked and thunderstruck with the thought 'have I done the most stupid thing in Australian music?'  But I'd rather be remembered as the person who wouldn't budge on an existing booking for a local band."