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And Now, Video of Lady Gaga Barfing Onstage


Is vomiting onstage the next hot, new pop star trend?  Over the weekend, LADY GAGA threw up while performing "Edge of Glory" in Barcelona, just one week after JUSTIN BIEBER barfed in the middle of a song during a show in Arizona.   (He later blamed it on a heavy meal of spaghetti bolognese and milk.)

In the middle of the song, Lady Gaga turned her back to the crowd and went at it, while some unlucky dancer covered her by doing his thing right in front of her.

"Sources" say she'd been battling the flu, but didn't want to cancel the show.  Gaga hasn't commented on what was wrong, but she did have some fun with it on Twitter.  She said, "Was praying nobody saw but actually it's quite a good laugh if you need one!  Check out Lady PukeGA doing Swan 'Vomit' Lake."

(Here's the videoWARNING:  You can actually see her vomiting, so keep that in mind if you don't think you have the stomach for that)



Unlike Justin, Lady Gaga didn't leave the stage, technically, and powered through, even after throwing up three times.  She DID disappear behind a prop for 30 seconds though, presumably to clean herself up.  That's totally understandable, considering how closely she was interacting with one of her dancers when she returned to the stage.  He lifted her, carried her around, and their mouths got so close, their LIPS MAY HAVE TOUCHED.

(You can see that in this longer video.)




And like Justin, Gaga was apparently performing with a STRONG vocal track, because she continued to "sing" even when she was throwing up.  Not that it's all that surprising or anything.  Even though Lady Gaga is always DENYING that she EVER lip-synchs.  Here's video of one of her rants.  It starts 17 seconds in.



Perhaps not surprisingly, Gaga's "little monsters" are RELENTLESSLY defending her online, and offering up all kinds of excuses for her lip-synching.)

Meanwhile, E! News has put together a list of five other artists who have gotten sick in the middle of shows.  You can find it at  It's a pretty misleading list though.  None of the other performers got sick ONSTAGE.  They either ran off-stage to get sick, or are just talking about puking before or after shows, including CALEB FOLLOWILL, who E! erroneously claims puked onstage, "on the front row."

And KATY PERRY'S illness wasn't during a performance at all.  She wasn't feeling good at the 2009 Brit Awards, and reportedly ran backstage to heave.