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An "Idol" Source Says the Mariah Carey / Nicki Minaj Feud Is Real


Some people think that the MARIAH CAREY / NICKI MINAJ FEUD on "American Idol" is B.S, or at least it's way overblown.  (And for good reason.  Nicki's hire sure seems like a stunt, no matter how you slice it.)  But a source "connected" with "Idol" says it's very real, and that everyone was sent home from auditions in Baton Rouge this weekend, a week earlier than planned.  This was to give everyone a chance to "cool down."

Although we've heard that Mariah and Nicki are acting more civil, at least professionally, there's talk that they were filming promos for the show late last week, and Mariah and Nicki had to be shot separately.  The source says the show's staff and crew is so fed up with it, they already wish JENNIFER LOPEZ and STEVEN TYLER were back.  The main problem is Nicki.  Supposedly, she "brings a negative vibe to the show," while Mariah is more of a pro who "holds her breath when Nicki goes on a rant."

This "cool down" period is expected to last through this month, before the judges reconvene in November to do more auditions.  By the way, the source says that when the big blowup happened in Charlotte last week, it happened before the contestant was told whether or not she'd be moving on.  So the show gave her a pass to Hollywood in an attempt to keep her from exposing Nicki's tantrum on the set.  Of course, that didn't work, since someone leaked a video of the freak-out online.

Assuming this feud IS real, and Mariah and Nicki aren't able to work together, what does "Idol" do?  The show NEEDS its judges to be able to disagree, and a little drama is good, but this sounds way over the top.  Does "Idol" give up and unload one of them?  If so, who should go?  I'd dump Nicki.  No matter how outrageous and SIMON COWELL-like she may be, she has no business being a judge in the first place.