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Korean Superstar Psy Will Perform Shirtless If "Gangnam Style" Hits #1 on the Billboard Charts


Korean "Gangnam Style" superstar PSY is promising to perform the song SHIRTLESS if the song can reach #1 on the Billboard charts.  (Psy is pronounced like 'sigh.'  He says it's short for PSYCHO.)


He didn't elaborate, other than to say it would be, "in a place where everyone can watch."  (So, not in a horse stable in the middle of Pennsylvania.)  "Gangnam Style" is currently #11 on the Billboard Hot 100, and it's already OWNED YouTube and iTunes.

Psy will release an album in the U.S. in November.  He has a record deal with the label JUSTIN BIEBER'S manager Scooter Braun runs.   (It's "Schoolboy Records," which seems like a needlessly creepy name for a label, especially one run by the guy who manages Justin Bieber.  But what do we know about branding?)