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Lady Gaga Mocked Madonna in Concert


The beef between LADY GAGA and MADONNA continues.  On Tuesday, Lady Gaga reportedly "mocked" Madonna by flashing her thong, something that Madonna has been doing on her tour, and sang "Like a Virgin".  She said, "I don't give [an eff] what people say.  We don't give [an eff].  We know the truth."

It's unclear what she meant by that specifically, but Madonna's latest album has a song called "I Don't Give A", and Madonna has been ragging on Lady Gaga, claiming that "Born This Way" copies her song "Express Yourself".  In fact, Madonna has performed a MASH-UP of "Born This Way" and "Express Yourself" on her tour, which sure seems like a demonstration of how similar she thinks the songs are.

By the way, Madonna was TWO AND A HALF HOURS late to her show in Philadelphia on Tuesday.  It was the first stop on her U.S. tour.  Madonna apologized when she did finally take the stage, but the fans weren't satisfied.  She was booed TWICE.  You can watch an amusing local news report on Madonna's lateness at



(You can find video of Lady Gaga flashing her thong at the "Daily Mail's" website. You have to scroll down to the end of the article to see it.)