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And Now, Kim Kardashian Makes a Brief Cameo in a Kanye West Video


KANYE WEST announced his love for KIM KARDASHIAN in his track "Cold", which was previously called "Theraflu" and "Way Too Cold".   So it's only fitting that Kim makes a cameo in the video.

Kanye has released a six-minute video that attaches "Cold" onto the back-end of a song called "I Wish You Would", with RICK ROSS and DJ KHALED.

Kim's cameo comes late in the video, and she's only in two quick shots.  If you blink, you could miss her, so it's definitely not the screen time she's used to.

You can see it here or find the video on YouTube.


It's also an incredibly hard video to watch.  Basically the rappers just dance around in a dark tunnel, while the camera shakes uncontrollably.  If you want to skip ahead, Kim's brief appearance comes after the 5:10 mark.