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Lady Gaga Was "Wasted" When She Sat Next to Miranda Lambert at the Grammys


This may come as a surprise . . . or not.  The reason LADY GAGA looked zoned-out when she sat next to MIRANDA LAMBERT at the Grammys earlier this year, is because she WAS out of it.  Yesterday, Lady Gaga re-posted the photo of them sitting together on Twitter, and wrote,  "And also fact:  I'm completely wasted in this photo."

Speaking of Miranda Lambert and Twitter.  Did you know even SHE grows tired of BLAKE SHELTON'S never-ending stream of Tweets?  It's true.   She says, "I follow OPRAH and I follow JESSICA SIMPSON.  I unfollow Blake quite frequently.  Some days it's just too much to handle."

But like any good, suspicious wife, she DOES check up on his ass.  She says, "I look to see who he's following and why, and why they're all hot girls.  I check his direct messages, just things like that.  No big deal."