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Frank Ocean's New Album Might Debut at #2 on the Charts Next Week

predicts that FRANK OCEAN'S debut album, "Channel Orange", could sell between 100,000 and 120,000 copies this week, which should be enough to debut at #2 on the charts.  (Behind the new ZAC BROWN BAND disc.)   That's definitely not bad for someone a lot of people hadn't even HEARD OF until he came out of the closet earlier this month. 

On top of that, the album wasn't even supposed to come out until this coming Tuesday.  But it leaked early, and Frank's team decided to release it on iTunes this week instead.  Stores were given permission to sell the CD as soon as they got it.  By the way, Target is NOT carrying the album.  Some people say it had to do with Frank's gayness.

And Target does have some history with that.  They came under fire in 2010 for giving money to Tom Emmer, an anti-gay politician who was running for governor of Minnesota.  LADY GAGA freaked out over this, and canceled a partnership she had with the store.

But Target claims it's because the album was released to iTunes first, and it's their policy not to stock CDs that are released "digitally in advance of the street date."  However, it's worth noting that Target stores carry KANYE WEST and JAY-Z'S "Watch the Throne", and it debuted as an iTunes digital exclusive before being put on shelves.

Coincidentally, Frank is a guest on that album, although he wasn't "out" at the time.  In fairness to Target, they carry other CDs by openly gay artists, and it's hard to believe they'd reject this album just because Frank is gay.