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Kanye West Says His Music Is Perfect and the Best You're Going to Hear in Your Lifetime


KANYE WEST went off on another one of his self-important rants during a show in Atlantic City over the weekend.  This time, he was ticked off about something a gossip blog had written about him. 

He said, "If you have something to give the world, a lot of times, the press just tries to take everything negative . . . they so [effin'] full of [crap] . . . making up [stuff] every day.  I am flawed as a human being.  I am flawed as a person.  As a man, I am flawed.  But my music is perfect!  This is the best that you gonna get ladies and gentlemen in this lifetime, I'm sorry.  You go back to Beethoven and [stuff], but as far as this lifetime though, this is all you got."

You can see it here or find the video on YouTube.