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There Was a Notorious B.I.G. Cut-Out at Coachella


The TUPAC hologram was the talk of the first weekend of Coachella, so in response, THE BLACK LIPS brought out a life-size CARDBOARD CUT-OUT of THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. during their set this past weekend.

According to reports, the group had the cut-out dancing around while they played Biggie's song "Hypnotize".  (Sadly, video hasn't surfaced yet, but here are some pictures.)  (Source #1) (Source #2) (Source #3)


There's no word if the cut-out will tour, but someone did make a Twitter account for it.  It's @CardboardBiggie.

By the way, this isn't the only crazy thing The Black Lips did at Coachella.  During their performance the first weekend, guitarist Cole Alexander dropped his pants, and played his guitar with his NAKED MANHOOD.  Here's video.  WARNING:  He's technically flashing the crowd, but it's a low-quality video, so you can't really see anything.  Cole is on the far right.

Meanwhile, DR. DRE released a video message to, "get rid of all the rumors" about a virtual Tupac tour.  But he didn't clear anything up.  He said the hologram was created for Coachella, not a tour, but added that a tour MIGHT happen.

Here's video: