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Steven Tyler Admits That He's Hard on the Rest of Aerosmith, But He Says That's What Makes Them Great


"60 Minutes"
has a piece on AEROSMITH this weekend, and in the interview STEVEN TYLER admits that he's been hard on the rest of the band, but he believes that's what makes them GREAT.  CBS' Lara Logan asked the other band members about Steven, and they talked about his obsessive personality and his MEAN STREAK.

The band members said things like:  "[He's] extremely demanding" . . . "difficult to talk to" . . . "torturous" . . .and "unspeakably cruel."

Logan confronted Steven with this, and he said, "You're 100% right.  I've said many things to all those guys that I should never have said, that I didn't mean."

But he added, "You know what?  I'm going to be big-headed right now, OK?  I think my perfectionism and my busting everyone's chops is what got this band to where it is today.  In the end, I get a really good song and in the end, I get the hits.  Yeah, I'm that good.  This band is better than it's ever been.  It's not because I'm old now and the band's been around forever and it's our last tour.  Bull[crap]!  It's because this band is that good." 

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