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KISS Has Teamed Up with "Hello Kitty" for a New Animated Show


KISS is notorious for "selling out" and commercializing their brand to the extreme, but this may be the most RIDICULOUS thing they've ever done.  KISS has a partnership with the 'Hello Kitty' brand, and they recently announced that there's going to be a new animated series on the Hub network called "KISS Hello Kitty".  (Hub is a children's cable network.)

GENE SIMMONS will co-produce the show.  He says, "We are incredibly excited about this opportunity and want to make all our millions of fans worldwide proud of a show they can watch with the whole family."

It's too early to say when the show might premiere.  (Here's a picture of KISS promoting the show.)  (Photo Source)




If you didn't know, KISS has been linked to Hello Kitty since 2010.  According to a press release, "This global collection of hugely desirable co-branded products connects KISS and 'Hello Kitty' followers all over the world with hundreds of licensed items across all categories, including apparel, toys, electronics, stationery, and back to school merchandise, among others."